torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

Houses part 1

Last Christmas I spent at our cottage in Northern Carelia and since there was lots of free time, I decided to make the most of it. I had this idea of a hilltop village and I knew I would need houses to make the village. I also had an idea of a town hall and after few google searches I had found quick references. I knew there was some 6 mm (1/4'') plywood at the barn, so I grabbed a couple of beers with me and off I went.

I pretty much freehanded the whole project over the couple of days and since my tools were robust, so was the outcome. Anyways, the first house that I built was the town hall.

Just glued.
In the sub zero centigrade temperatures in the barn the PVA glue wouldn't dry properly, so I took the houses inside.

The clock tower has a place for one small base and otherwise I designed the rooms big enough to house one to two medium bases.

Town Hall opened up. Clockwise from the top left the roof (yet missing the roof windows), the attic floor and the clocktower, second floor with the balcony (yet missing the railing), and the ground floor.

I also built several smaller houses. The plywood was somewhat crooked, but I didn't care about it because all the houses are just going to fill up the table (I had and have The Premium Property order coming).

Town Hall at the back, Railway Station at the left, and the small houses.

My work with the houses didn't end there. Back home I used renovation filler on them to smooth the edges (sort of) and to give a stony feel for them. I sprayed them in different colours that I like to think are generic to all the european fronts: brown, gray, and so forth. The town Hall and the Railway Station I painted orange-brown. I used roof tile sheets from a hobby store for all of the building and molded the door and windows out of hobby clay (I don't have pictures of this, sorry). The balcony railings and the Railway Station's platform columns and front stairs I built out of match-, hobby- and ice cream -sticks.

Some of the unfinished houses in the floor game.
The Town Hall is yet missing the roof tiling and the houses balcony railings are not painted. Some windows maybe missing.
Also pictured unfinished minefields.
The houses didn't end up looking as good as I wanted, but I'm going to detail them some more to a reasonable extent - add some wines and such - but I will return on the subject in a future post. When I get around to making the hilltop village, I will cover that, too.

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