tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014

Shape of things to come

I know there has been a small break in my posts, but bare with me. I have been painting air supports for three armies, some 88s, and some Long Toms. Since I made a decision early on that I wouldn't write any painting tutorial, I would not be writing about them. There is lots of blog and tutorials concerning figure painting, by more talented painters, so there you have it. I wouldn't be stepping on no giants toes.

Things I've done, vol. 1: I bought three huge boxes to house my terrain.

However, on the side I have been making US Fire Direction Centre - scratch built - that I'm going play as a normal staff team. Or in case of some huge Total War game, my artillery battery's second in command. Yeah, I have that sort of perverse idea.

Things I've done, vol. 2: Sturmovik - work in progress.
Also, I have a sheet of foam-core board that I'm going to turn into house ruins; I have made plans to make a garden for Manor House Arnhem (hope that the Wife - an interior design and garden blogger - concludes the plan); my minefields and barbed wire obstacles need to be finished...

Things I've done, vol. 3: Played a Bulge game with a convertee.
Sturmvogel pilot has madskillz in low flying.
So stay tuned. Lots of posts coming. In good time.

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  1. That's a lot of terrain! You should definitely make a garden for the Arnhem house, a few low walls or hedges really improve the look of a building :-)